Monday, October 26, 2015

social media detox

i think i need to do "social media detox" by stop using my personal social media thingy starting tomorrow. for a week, at least.

so i can focus with my own day to day life without comparing to others. 

i'm tired with my autopilot mind that keep compare my life with my circle's when open a social media apps. it's like my life seems low-standart compare to my friends who travel from one destination to another, eating tasty foods, buying a new stuff, and bla bla bla...

it's irritating, need to refresh my mind so it can see my friends status updates from different positive angle. not a jealousy but as a motivation, inspiration, and a thankfulness

social media detox hopefully will bring me to be grateful with everything i have. coz it already owesome and no need to complain

it's super fun traveling with your family rather than your bos, right?
it's a blessing to spend the weekend just cuddling and lying on bed with hubby n baby rather than having a weekend business trip, right? 
it's good to have a sunny side up - egg for breakfast with family rather than having a fancy breakfast with your -oh my god so annoying bos- right?
it's a happy inside out to travelling with your own money so nobody's has a right to screw your holiday, rather than travelling for free but your boss keep his eye on you, right?

so, focus with my own life and surrounded by family the key of happiness

good night, sorry for the rubbish posting.

i just need to write it down 😅

1 comment:

  1. Social media detox :) How appropriate.
    Mgkn jaman skrg salah satu indikator kehidupan offline seseorg itu membaik adalah makin senyapnya kehidupan onlinenya. Kecuali pedagang kali ya. Setelah cabut dr Fb, rasanya never feel better. Kabur ke WA, tp dgn S&K berlaku.
    Ah Mb Ingkie.. saya teh tdnya browsing ergo kok jd kepo ke sini sih. Setaun lalu beli di Mb Ingkie yg ijo army.. eh skrg kabarnya ada yg 360. Penisirinn..
    Jiahh knp ujungnya jd tema jual beli yak